keep poisoning ourselves with thoughts.∆



my room’s aesthetic game is so strong rn

Anonymous asked:
i remember you posted something about messi donating money to israel? that was fake, he donated for argentinian cancer hospital

Are u serious maybe he donared fir both i want to see the source cause im so mad at him

Anonymous asked:
are you and jay still best friends?

yess shes my babyy

My dash is so stressful tonight🌚


pointless photos i took while i was sitting by the pool yesterday..

"I’m pretty stuffed on bullshit."



checks grades

*bastille voice* how am i gonna be an optimist about this

well if you close your eyes

One Direction: A Résumé 


 fire and blood


 fire and blood


sorry mom you’ve hit ask limit

ohrockme asked:
god maryam, your blog is always on point, it's unbelievable. you have such a great taste and aesthetic, a soft/elegant vibe that wraps around your blog and posts, it's awesome. i just really, really love your blog and edits. hope i don't sound mental x

why are you always so sweet to me omg ily lore